Ketz-ke clothing Making Waves Around the World

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Ketz-ke clothing Making Waves Around the World

Ketz-ke womens clothing embraces an eclectic mix of prints and textures in unexpected yet stylish combinations. The label was created by Auckland based designer Jenny Drury. A NZ success story, her Ketz-ke brand of casual designer clothing is also making waves around the world.

In 2006, Drury saw a gap in the market between boutique clothing and streetwear. Ketz-ke was born and has quickly become a fashion leader with its feminine styling but distinct creative edge. Today, Ketz-ke stockists can be found not only in New Zealand, but in Australia and China too.

The label has developed an avid fan base thanks to its reputation for fantastic fit, distinctive colours, versatile fabrics, reasonable price points and by allowing buyers to explore their personal style. Ketz-ke clothing is all about accessibility - making fashion inclusive not exclusive.

With a background in retail clothing and as a sales rep for a clothing company, when Drury started designing the Ketz-ke clothing line, she knew what buyers and customers were looking for - laid back glamour at affordable prices. Drury says she follows her instincts and they must be good because her edgy Ketz-ke clothing brand is flourishing.

Ketz-ke dresses and tops include favourites like the Classified Tee, a Ketz-Ke classic in patterned chiffon that looks amazing on any figure and the Parade Dress, a striking Ketz-ke design with frill sleeves and lace panel detailing on the front.

 Ketz-ke is casual but feminine. It's about having fun and wearing what you want, finding your unique look and owning it. It stands for individuality and personal style. Which explains why Ketz-ke is so sought after and stockists can vary from surfwear stores to fashion boutiques. A Little Shop is a New Zealand Ketz-ke stockist with its physical store based in Ponsonby, Auckland.