Getting Prepared for A Puppy? You Also Need to be Wardrobe ready!

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Getting Prepared for A Puppy?  You Also Need to be Wardrobe ready!

You've rushed around, you've got the chew toys, the crate, and a fancy new collar that may or may not fit depending on their size.  Just as you think you've nailed it you bring your puppy home and realise you forgot about you!  Puppies don't think twice about your best pants or favourite cozy top with tassels... we recommend you get prepared!  

Forget the designer outfits for the next few months, you've got some serious training to do till Puppy understands "uh uh" and "down"!  We highly recommend cozy, comfortable pants that are easily machine washable but look stylish when you're walking the dog round the block or along the local beach.  Home-lee apartment pants are our go-to, they do a summer weight and winter weight so they are perfect for any NZ season.  We love a pair of originals with an X on the back, easy to pair with most other items in the wardrobe and when in a hurry you don't have to think twice (click here).  These also come in a 3/4 style for summer, great for those who like their knees covered and no wardrobe malfunctions when bending down or chasing after your bundle of fur.  We love having two pairs, the second more bold in statement. For those days when you're taking it up a notch add a bit of leopard, geometric, or colour - we have you covered!  HOME-LEE.

Not sure about the X on the back?  Then we recommend the Bondi Pant by 3rd Label in an amazing Sub Cotton, or checking out our Addison Range for cottons that spring back to shape.  All have elastic waists for comfort.  We always have casual pants in stock or on the way so check out some pant options here.