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What does 'Final Sale' mean?
If an item is marked 'Final Sale,' this means that it cannot be returned or exchanged. Store credit or a refund will not be issued for any returned 'Final Sale' items.

Will you be getting ______ back in stock?
At a little shop we source items from all round the world but sometimes we are able to re-order.  Use the contact us page and we will see what we can do.

Where do you find your clothes?
All over! We carry a variety of products, and all of them come from different places and countries.  If you have a brand we maybe interested in (must be good quality and mid-priced) then please contact us at

Can I use more than one coupon on my order?
No, sorry! Our system only accepts the last coupon entered. Coupon codes cannot be combined.

How do I change my email preferences?
If you've joined a little shop, you're automatically set to receive emails about our fun features and contests, exclusive opportunities, and first-to-know info, as well as other news and important order info. But, you can also customise the types of messaging you wish to receive. Wanna do that? First make sure you're signed in, then click on your name at the top of the page to access your email settings. From there, you can select, adjust, or limit your email preferences as you wish!

Where are a little shops products manufactured?
We search the globe to bring you the cutest, most unique items from designers all over the world, and sometimes, we don't have to look too far! We offer an extensive list of products made in NZ and Australia as well as UK, USA, India, Peru and China.  

Do you carry petite, larger, additional, plus, or extended sizes of your clothing?
We know not everyone is built the same, and we do our best to accommodate all body types at a little shop. When we find great designs that come in petite or larger sizes, we're excited to stock them! Everly clothing is on the small size and works well for the petite. EmilyandFin and Dalston have an XL size but sell out very fast!

How do you determine if a dress is long, short, or somewhere in-between?
For every dress we carry, we determine length by using our own guidelines and taking our own measurements. We pull a size small for each dress and measure it from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the skirt hem.

How do I determine my ring size?
Click here to download our ring chart. You can print this out and place one of your existing rings over top to get a guide.

My order status says, "pending." What does that mean?
'Pending' just means that our system has successfully received your order! You will also get a second email to to say the DPS payment has gone through. Once the order leaves our fulfillment center, we'll email you a tracking number, and your order status will change to 'Shipped.'  However if you do not get the second email to say payment has gone through but instead got Error Processing Payment message it means that the bank will not let us process this order - it could be for a number of reasons including: typing in the wrong number, expiry date, or code; or you are over your limit; or the card has expired (just some examples). Be reassured your card has not been debited and neither have A Little Shop stock levels they remain available until payment is complete.  If you believe there is nothing wrong with your card and you might have made an error please re-order.