Who is Elijah

Who Is Elijah - Discovery Set

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Discover your new favourite fragrance.

The Discovery Set includes all TEN of our signature scents in 2ml mini-atomisers, including our newest fragrances REBEL ROSE & WALL STREET so you can experience them all before committing to a full-sized purchase.

NOMAD: Woody. Amber. Floral.

WALL STREET: Floral. Smoke. Wood.

REBEL ROSE: Rose. Spice. Wood.

MORNING AFTER: Woody. Leather. Musk.

HIS | HER : Spicy. Woody. Fresh.

MUSE: Earthy. Musky. Floral.

NIGHTCAP: Woody. Earthy. Leather

EAU: Fresh. Tropical. Woody.

HAZE: Smoky. Woody. Sweet. 

HER: Floral. Delicate. Citrus.

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