The Coconut Oil Facial Experiment

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The Coconut Oil Facial Experiment

Will I ever have great skin?  It's a question i've often asked and never achieved.  One of those goals that continually remains out of reach but propels me to try the latest, hottest, expensive trend.... with the only result often being poorer.  The truth is i've probably done more damage that good with all the additives, serums, this and that i've rubbed, scrapped and peeled off me.   The last couple of months my skins had enough and in loud bright red scales, congestion and general yuck it's told me to back away from the beauty cabinet. 

So whats a girl to do?  Well I went natural (don't worry i still own a razor) digging into the local organic wholefoods virgin coconut oil and rubbing all over my face.  That's right oil straight from the jar all over.  And guess what I liked it! 

Apparently you can use Coconut Oil in two ways on the face as a cleanser - rub all over and wipe clean with a cloth and hot water.  Result a fabulous make up remover that smells quite nice, very soothing and is very good at removing makeup. 

Secondly as a moisturizer.  This is where my skin is so inflamed that it is also been suggested as a night moisturizer.  Now that has taken some getting used to as it does feel quite heavy and a touch greasy if not whipping off.

The Results

- The first week I got a lot of hard lumps coming up and out of the skin - I rub some more coconut oil on cause it's apparently anti bacterial.....

- Week two is quite surprising my oil flow on the skin has slowed.  So to look and touch the skin is quite nice in fact rather than oily its become a tad dry in some areas - not what i was expecting.

- Week three and the hard lumps are going or healing (sorry therapist couldn't help myself!) my rash is nearly redundant and could even think of not wearing any mineral make up....well around the home anyway!  But skin is now quite dry in some areas.  Natural therapist recommends i stick with it.

- Week Four - Well this week i've been quite surprised a big step forward my skin looks so much better.  A lot clearer, plumper and softer.  But unfortunately due to the change of seasons I have had to changed the routine here a tad due to the dried out patches.  I no longer use the coconut oil as a night moisturizer and now have added a weleda rose cream moisturizer. (I did a lot of research on the net on this product).  So far so good..    

Another few reasons to give it a try is if you run out of cooking oil you can always use this oil as a back up, it has apparently great immune support properties when taken internally, thyroid support and can aid in weight loss..  Some real health nuts use this as a toothpaste, hair gel and numerous of other uses...... I think i'll miss those but good luck xxx